This month, podcasters across the globe are urging folks to share their favorite listens with friends and family using the hashtag #trypod. I’ve been on a real podcast tear lately and there are so many awesome programs to listen to, I thought it might make sense to compile some of my favorites here.

Note To Self

Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, this is a podcast about the intersection of technology and humanity. I’m obsessed with Manoush’s friendly, inclusive tone and her often interesting and very personal takes on a wide variety of topics. Here are a few recent gems:

Code Switch

This is an excellent show about race and identity. I’ve always been actively working to better understand other cultures, but with Oscar in my life, I feel an even greater desire to recognize and appreciate the differences and similarities we all have. I hope it’s making me a better father. Regardless, I’m learning a lot and loving it. Recommended listening:

99% Invisible

This show has been a darling of the design set for years, but I’ve only recently tuned in. I love it because I learn something new and interesting in every episode… even on topics with which I’m already familiar. There are so many great episodes it’s hard to pick just a few to recommend, but I’ll give it a shot:

Reply All

I’ve been listening to PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman since their days running TLDR, so naturally I followed them over to their new(er) venture on Gimlet Media. Reply All is ostensibly “a show about the Internet”, but it takes me into parts of the Web I—rather surprisingly, given I’ve spent over 20 years building it—am not all that familiar with. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode, especially those in the “Super Tech Support” series. I’m also a big “Yes-Yes-No” fan. Some favorites:

NPR Politics

I’ve been a little obsessed with politics for the better part of the last two decades, so when I discovered the NPR Politics podcast, I was stoked. I appreciate their balanced take on current events, especially when they are placed in historical context (often by mainstay Ron Elving). All of the hosts and correspondents are stellar (as to be expected form NPR, I suppose), but I have to admit I’m missing Sam Sanders and Asma Khalid more than a little bit. Most episodes are news-driven so don’t have a long shelf-life. That said, I highly recommend “Covering 2016 As A Muslim”.

Other worthwhile podcasts that are also in heavy rotation on my phone include (in no particular order)

Do you have a favorite podcast to share? Leave a comment of webmention and I’ll be sure to check it out.


  1. Nice recommendations! I’ll have to make a list of my faves but here are a couple: Liftoff, Cortex, Do By Friday, Analog(ue)
  2. @AaronGustafson aaron? buddy? your webmentions thing appears to have inhaled my whole entire post on aaron-gustafson.com/notebook/trypo… :-)


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