Dispatches From The Internets

Spellcheckers exfiltrating PII… not so fast

Photograph of a cute robot taking an apple from a pile of apples.

A recent post from the Otto JS research team highlighted how spellcheck services can inadvertently exfiltrate sensitive user data, including passwords, from your site. To be honest, I found the post a tad alarmist and lacking when it came to recommending solid protections. Consider this your no-nonsense guide to protecting your users’ sensitive information.

Bring Focus to the First Form Field with an Error

In a green field filled with only yellow flowers, a cute robot has found a single red flower, digital art

While filling out a long form the other day, I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t submitting. Turns out I’d forgotten to fill in a field, but I didn’t know that because it had scrolled out of the viewport. This is a common problem on the web, but easily remedied with a little bit of JavaScript.

Equality vs. Equity

Pencil and watercolor illustration of an Indian man stepping off a city bus with a bag of groceries

Over the last few years, I’ve been quietly leading training efforts within Microsoft focused on leveling up folks’ allyship skills. There are a ton of really important lessons to be learned form the curriculum my team and I developed, but one folks ofter struggle with is the concept of “equality” as compared to “equity.”

Enhancing the Manifest

Since joining the esteemed group of editors maintaining the Web App Manifest spec for the W3C, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to enhance both web apps themselves—in terms of functionality—and how web apps are represented in app catalogs and digital storefronts. Some of that work is finally gaining traction and I’d love to get your input.

Dynamic shortcuts questions

You may or may not be aware, but the Shortcuts feature for PWAs has begun rolling out in Chromium-based browsers and implementation is underway in other browsers as well. The first version of Shortcuts provides you with the ability to define a small set of links in your Manifest. Rayan Kanso and I are currently working on a proposal for Shortcuts v2 which will introduce a JavaScript API for managing these links and we’d love your input too.