Hi there, I’m Aaron and I work on the web.

Every day I strive to make the web (and world) more accessible, open, and equitable place for people to live, play, and work.

Over the last 28 years, I’ve written 2 books (contributing to 10 more) and 57 articles with that focus. I’ve also presented on these and related topics at over 157 events in 59 cities across the globe.

I’m a Principal Accessibility Innovation Strategist at Microsoft, where I run the $25M AI for Accessibility grant program and lead the charge on accessibility innovation. In my prior role on the Edge browser team, I steered our investments in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

I’m also deeply involved in culture work within Microsoft, providing allyship and related training across a broad swath of Microsoft product teams.

I’m a spec editor at the W3C, a former manager of the Web Standards Project, Editor-in-chief of A List Apart, and the creator of the Web We Want.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I’m up to, check out what I’m working on right now.