Dispatches From the Internets

Excellent Speakers for Your Next Tech Event

Like many, I’m disappointed that gender—or ethnicity, etc., etc., etc.—should even have to play a role when it comes to selecting awesome speakers, but the reality is that the dais at most tech-related events and conferences is still occupied (largely) by white men. That needs to change. We’ve been very intentional with our programming of Code & Creativity, but it wasn’t like it was hard to find an incredible speaker lineup that also happened to be pretty diverse.

Crossposting to Medium From Jekyll

Last week, Jeremy Keith posted about syndicating his content to Medium using their new API. Before they added the API, there was no way to automatically publishing to Medium from your own blog. And doing it manually was quite tedious.

Jeremy posted in detail about how to set it all up and provided the PHP code he’s using to make it all work. As I’m running a static site on Octopress, I ported it to Ruby as a Jekyll Generator. I’ve posted it to Github, so you can grab it there if you so desire.

On Adaptive Web Design’s Second Edition

I wrote the bulk of Adaptive Web Design in early 2010 while taking a much-needed break from client projects. I had originally slated for it to be released just before the holidays that year, but life happened and the book did not make it out into the world until mid-2011. Six months is a long time in the technical world, and especially on the Web. A year is forever.

Moved to HTTPS

I’ve been complaining about “man in the middle” attacks brought on by internet service providers a bunch over the last year. The only way to keep uninvited third parties from injecting JavaScript and more—potentially screwing up your page—is to move to HTTPS. So, as much as it pains me to abandon good old fashioned HTTP, I’ve decided to lock things down a bit.

Ramblings on New Browser Features, Interop­erability, Craft, and the Future of the Web

Last week Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) posted a lengthy treatise on why browsers should stop “pushing the web forward”. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and agree with him on a number of points. I also agreed with the well-articulated responses from Jake Archibald (of Google) and Bruce Lawson (of Opera). I guess I’m saying I see both sides. Like Chris Coyier, I live in a world filled with varying shades of grey rather than stark black & white.