The Best of the Internets

Choosing Performance

Tim Kadlec nails it again in this piece on performance in light of Facebook’s “Instant Articles” announcement:

Is the web just inherently slow and destined to never be able to compete with the performance offered by a native platform? (Spoiler: No. No it is not.)

The JavaScript Framework Bandwagonism

Gold from Teylor Feliz:

A lot of front-end developers don’t have a very strong resistance to change like website users, which is a good thing. But, some developers just need a Todo list demo to get excited and crazy to built an app with the new framework or tool. Some don’t wait for a framework to get out of beta or reach version 1.0 in order to build something with it. We need to learn to wait and let the tools mature so we can take full advantage or have a better idea of the path they are going to take.

Testing the 12-inch MacBook’s Performance With Windows 10

This was in interesting read from Alex King. My favorite quote?

[I]t’s ironic that in some regards, the new MacBook runs Windows 10 (a prerelease version, at that) better than it runs OS X. But it’s a testament to two things: Apple’s fantastic MacBook hardware, which is forward-thinking yet surprisingly agile; and Microsoft’s excellent Windows software, which entices and excites with its beautiful interface, useful new features, and rock-solid UI transitions.

I have Windows 10 running in a VM. I haven’t tried it as a Bootcamp partition yet, but Alex’s finding are intriguing.