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In the Future, How Will We Talk to Our Technology?

Depending on how you read the title, your expectations for this article may not align with the subject: the technical means by which we talk to our devices. It’s not about the APIs or voice recognition, but rather how our desires are transferred from our mind to our device’s “ears”. Voice is obviously one way—and David spends a lot of time discussing microphone improvements—but it could also be silently using subvocalization.

If—like me—this stuff fascinates you, you should definitely give it a read.

Before You Learn to Code, Ask Yourself Why

This is a really thoughtful piece weighing the pros and cons of code schools against teaching yourself with a big focus on why you might want to learn to code. I highly recommend this piece for anyone thinking about getting into coding. Share away!

Content Blocking Primer

Fantastic post from Eric on how the mass appeal of content blockers has given the web a mulligan. There’s a lot of great content in his post, but I’ll just share this one emblematic passage:

Remember, this isn’t just about ads. Ads are emblematic of the root problem, but they’re not the actual root problem. If ads were the sole concern of content blockers, then the blockers (mostly) wouldn’t bother to block web fonts. It’s possible to use web fonts smartly and efficiently, but most sites don’t, so web fonts are a major culprit in slow mobile load times. The same is true for Javascript, whether it’s served by an ad network, an analytics engine, or some other source. So they’re both targeted by blockers—not for enabling ads, but for disabling the web.

Anachronistic Beard: A New Methodology to Make Sites Work Anywhere

[A] revolutionary way of making websites so they look good in iOS 9 with external fonts turned off, work well for Opera Mini’s 250+ million users, and in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE, Edge, whether you’re using a computer, a phone, a tablet, a phablet (you’re not, are you?), with or without assistive technology.

Thank you Bruce!