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Collateral Damage

Just like JavaScript, CSS, and images, you are not guaranteed that your web fonts are going to reach (or be appreciated by) your users. I know I constantly run into web font-related performance issues with Wired on my iPhone, even on a speedy WiFi connection, so I’m not at all surprised users are looking to block them.

How do you deal with this? Don’t hide your content until the fonts arrive. Assume they never will.

In the Future, How Will We Talk to Our Technology?

Depending on how you read the title, your expectations for this article may not align with the subject: the technical means by which we talk to our devices. It’s not about the APIs or voice recognition, but rather how our desires are transferred from our mind to our device’s “ears”. Voice is obviously one way—and David spends a lot of time discussing microphone improvements—but it could also be silently using subvocalization.

If—like me—this stuff fascinates you, you should definitely give it a read.