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The Ethics of Modern Web Ad-blocking

An excellent overview of where web advertising is and what lines it has crossed. This bit is particularly relevant:

This won’t be a clean, easy transition. Blocking pop-ups was much more incisive: it was easy for legitimate publishers to avoid one narrowly-useful Javascript function to open new windows. But it’s completely reasonable for today’s web readers to be so fed up that they disable all ads, or even all Javascript. Web developers and standards bodies couldn’t be more out of touch with this issue, racing ahead to give browsers and Javascript even more capabilities without adequately addressing the fundamental problems that will drive many people to disable huge chunks of their browser’s functionality.

Open Source Style Guide

A fantastic overview of best practices for running an open source project on Github from the folks at 18F. Covers everything to naming your project to writing READMEs to reporting issues.

Text Justification and Accessibility

Worth noting:

Justifying text can present problems for people with Dyslexia, where the extended spaces between words and sometimes letters within words can create what’s been termed “rivers of white”, referring to the spaces of white that can visually dominate the text.

Google+: A Case Study on App Download Interstitials

No big surprise: The app-promoting interstitial drove users away to the tune of 69%. And so…

Based on these results, we decided to permanently retire the interstitial. We believe that the increase in users on our product makes this a net positive change, and we are sharing this with the hope that you will reconsider the use of promotional interstitials. Let’s remove friction and make the mobile web more useful and usable!

How Google Designs for the Blind

While not hugely in-depth, this is a good piece for a broad audience on why accessibility matters. It also talks about some of the ways Google is working to make accessibility part of their culture.