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Describing Aria-describedby

This super-thorough examination of aria-describedby is well worth a read.

aria-describedby is an important tool to help provide information where it might otherwise be missed. However, the attribute should rarely be the sole manner in which information is communicated, as doing so will exclude people not using screen readers from the descriptive content. The best way to use aria-describedby is as an alternate way to provide quick access to descriptions that are accessible by other means.

The Power of Progressive Enhancement

An excellent read on how Andy Bell applied progressive enhancement to a project. I particularly liked this statement (emphasis his):

Progressive enhancement isn’t necessarily more work and it certainly isn’t a non-JavaScript fallback, it’s a change in how we think about our projects. A complete mindset change is required here and it starts by remembering that you don’t build websites for yourself, you build them for others.