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UK Researcher Says One Line of Code Caused Ticketmaster Breach

Third party code, people… third party code.

He pointed out that while Inbenta had provided Ticketmaster a customised JavaScript one-liner, the ticketing company had placed this chatbot code on its payment processing website without informing Inbenta it had done so. “This means that Inbenta’s webserver was placed in the middle of all Ticketmaster credit card transactions, with the ability to execute JavaScript code in customer browsers,” Beaumont said.



The folks at Canva have amassed a pretty expansive color tool that discusses various aspects—like history and associations—of a ridiculous number of colors. This resource also helps you build color sets around each of the colors by exploring complementary colors, analogous colors, and color triads that include it. Pretty cool stuff!

Your Interactive Makes Me Sick

Eileen Webb on the accessibility issues created by “modern” storytelling on the web:

The issue usually isn’t the motion itself, or the existence of animation. The problem is a mismatch between my expectations for what I’m going to encounter on a webpage and what actually displays on that page.

She documents a handful of real issues and shows you how to resolve or at least mitigate them. She’s also included a bunch of real world examples of “dos” and “don’ts”. It’s well worth a read.