Crossposting to Medium from Jekyll

Last week, Jeremy Keith posted about syndicating his content to Medium using their new API. Before they added the API, there was no way to automatically publishing to Medium from your own blog. And doing it manually was quite tedious.

Jeremy posted in detail about how to set it all up and provided the PHP code he’s using to make it all work. As I’m running a static site on Octopress, I ported it to Ruby as a Jekyll Generator. I’ve posted it to Github, so you can grab it there if you so desire.


  1. Sven Aas
    @Robin2go I’m not ready to blog again but I need to do something about my personal web presence. Someday. Maybe. And I might use Jeckyll.
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  2. Sven Aas
    @Robin2go You can also use Übercart. Or Vignette. Or even SharePoint (God help you). How will you choose?
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  3. Robin Smail
    @SvenAas By following the lead of someone I trust — and then unabashedly sucking up to the to help me fix it when I Bork it.
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  4. Robin Smail
    @SvenAas And as an aside — my phone auto capitalized Bork. This makes me want to put an exclamation on it. Bork! Bork! Bork!
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  5. Sven Aas
    @Robin2go So, um, let me know when you’ve got it all worked out, ok? You’re so good at this sort of thing.
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  6. Robin Smail
    @SvenAas As someone dear to me once said, I AM THE KING OF FUCK MOUNTAIN.
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  7. remouk
    Je suis en tout point d’accord avec ton article.:) Je me renseigne doucement sur #webmention dont je n’avais jamais entendu parler… Il existe un plugin #WordPress et avec #Bridgy pour récupérer les “réponses” ça devrait pas être trop compliqué à mettre en place.
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