Any Advice on Moving From Octopress to Jekyll?

Next Tuesday I’m planning to take the day to do a little refresh on this site. The largest part of that effort will be moving this project off of Octopress to Jekyll. I’m not expecting it to be a huge challenge—Jekyll underpins Octopress anyway—but I’m sure there are some gotchas I should look out for. If you’ve made the leap yourself in the past and have any advice or recommended reading, please leave a comment or Web Mention.

In case you’re curious why I’m making the shift, it’s pretty simple:

I’m hopeful this shift will make it easier for me to get content published more quickly and more reliably. I may even move my build processes into Travis CI to further offload the work. But I’m getting ahead of myself… let’s see how Tuesday goes first.


  1. Rachel🦄Nabors
  2. Nicolas Hoizey


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