The Linkblog

Since re-starting my blog I’ve been continuing to tinker with Octopress and Jekyll in an effort to customize things a bit more to my liking.

I recently began posting links (with commentary) in a bit of a link blog, but I wasn’t really happy with having it mixed in with the rest of my Notebook posts. I finally took a few minutes to formally bust out the links into their own paginated section, so you can keep up with them independently. I also set up a three distinct Atom feeds to let you consume this site’s content how you want to: Latest 20 posts and links, latest 20 posts, and Latest 20 links.

I’m hopeful this organization will prove as helpful to you as it is for my compartmentalization anxiety.


Note: These are comments exported from my old blog. Going forward, replies to my posts are only possible via webmentions.
  1. Georg Portenkirchner

    I like that you separated the links from your posts, but would like to have the link in the RSS feed to point to the link post on your site instead of the linked site.

    1. Aaron Gustafson

      Thanks. It took a little work, but I got the links set up. The pagination stuff was a bit of a beast and I also had to write a Rake task to move the links into the subfolder. But now we’re good.