My own, personal, PWA

Progressive Web Apps are often something we think of as building for others, but while I was redoing the Service Worker implementation on this site—to improve performance for you, dear reader—I decided to throw in a little goody for me as well, in the form of the Share Target.

Early last year, Tim Kadlec shared his bookmarklet for saving links to his site. I thought it was a brilliant setup, especially for a static site:

  1. The bookmarklet captures the URL, page title, and any selection you’ve made and pipes it over to a form on your site;
  2. The form contains the code that will generate a new static file in you site’s GitHub repo.

Smartly, the form requires you to log in with your GitHub credentials. That keeps it from being abused by others. Sadly, I always struggled to get this setup working fluidly on mobile. With the introduction of the Share Target, it’s become a lot easier.

You define a Share Target in your Web App Manifest. The original design only allowed for links and text to be shared, but version 2 is coming soon with support for any file type.1 Pretty cool stuff! As you’d expect, the key is share_target and it takes a JSON object that looks a lot like a form configuration:

"share_target": {
"action": "linky/poo/",
"method": "GET",
"enctype": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
"params": {
"title": "title",
"text": "body",
"url": "url"

The first key is the action page. In this case, it points at my link posting form. I want the shared data passed via the query string, so I’m using GET as the method (but you could use other HTTP request methods as well). I set the encoding (enctype) and then identify the parameters I want to send and what they should be called in the payload.

With this in place, I installed my site on my phone and could immediately share links directly to it:

This screenshot shows my PWA as a share target available within Android.

On the receiving end, everything works pretty well. Android doesn’t support sharing selected text along with the title of the page and the URL (like Tim’s bookmarklet does), but I can always copy the text I want to quote before I share the page. Another oddity in Android is that it currently sends the URL over as the body for some strange reason, but I set the JavaScript up on the resulting page to enable me to look for a URL in that field and pop it into the right spot. That way, when Android fixes the issue, it won’t cause any issues with a true text body (like your text selection—hint, hint).

Another nice enhancement I added to the form was autocomplete for the tag field. Using a datalist element, I have all of my site’s tags ready to autocomplete that field. Unfortunately, autocomplete doesn’t work great for multiple items out of the box, so I got some inspiration from this StackOverflow solution and implemented a vanilla JavaScript multiple choice datalist-driven input. Sweet!

While we often think of PWAs as being something we build for others, I’m totally stoked that I can also add PWA functionality that’s just for me (or, more broadly, internally-focused). That’s pretty exciting and demonstrates just how powerful and adaptable PWAs are.

  1. Incidentally, the Share Target implementation for Universal Windows Apps has supported file type association for a long time now, which is why the Windows Store version of Twitter (which is a PWA) can receive images, videos, and more, right from the File Manager. ↩︎


  1. This is pretty cool: you can make a share target for your PWA to publish content from anywhere on your own site! ♥️ #IndieWeb
  2. I ❤️that feature. That's why I experimented with to combine share target and push api. 👌
  3. This is pretty cool: you can make a share target for your PWA to publish content from anywhere on your own site! ♥️ #IndieWeb
  4. This looks awesome! 👍

    I don’t get the screenshot in iOS Safari through, even if I’m connected.
  5. I’ll look into that. Away from my computer for the night though.
  6. Thanks. I can’t unfortunately use share target yet, as I’m on iOS… 😥
  7. I will try to get the best mix of the 3 options… 😉
  8. @Aaron This is awesome! Definitely sounds like the setup I want 🙌🏻 Thanks for sharing!


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