The Open Web: App Store of the Future

This is why I continue to be so excited about Progressive Web Apps:

[T]his will allow for full feature parity among devices and allow development teams to focus on one project as opposed to juggling multiple updates for all of the different platforms. In addition to this, the way updates happen are in real time as the web site is reloaded. No need to rely on users not updating their apps through the app store, this way all users are on the latest version to ensure the best possible experience.

I am also really encouraged by the way PWAs enable more folks to access “apps.” After all, the state of networks and devices is quite different beyond the bubble we live in. Look at India, China, huge swaths of Africa, Central and South America. Closer to home, I look at the rural United States and less affluent neighborhoods in large cities. The benefits of PWAs (and the web, more broadly) to these folks will be huge. For example, they won’t have to choose between keeping pics of their kids on their phone and being able to easily access their bank account.