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Android Oreo Takes a Bite Out of Progressive Web Apps

It seems like the Android team and the Chrome team were not on the same page and Android Oreo (a.k.a., Android 8) undermines some critical features of Progressive Web Apps. As Maximiliano is quick to point out, most of these are easily fixable in a software update, so there’s not a whole lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth needed, but you should still be aware of how the experience differs from what users saw on the previous release.

In particular, I am hating the mini-Chrome icon overlay. For normal Homescreen bookmarks, I’m willing to let it go, but if a site has a Web App Manifest, it should look like any other app.

What if We Build the Internet We Always Wanted?

Some interesting ideas here.

I won’t say “I want my internet back,” because that’s a myth of an innocent past that was never all that innocent. But it’s high time to build the internet that we wanted all along: a network designed to respect privacy, a network designed to be secure, and a network designed to impose reasonable controls on behavior. And a network with few barriers to entry—in particular, the certainty of ISP extortion as new services pay to get into the “fast lane.”