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Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

No monitors, no problem. Tuukka Ojala on his experience of being a blind developer.

Speech or braille alone can’t paint an accurate representation of how a window is laid out visually. All the information is presented to me in a linear fashion. If you copy a web page and paste it into notepad you get a rough idea of how web pages look to me. It’s just a bunch of lines stacked on top of another with most of the formatting stripped out. However, a screen reader can pick up on the semantics used in the HTML of the web page, so that links, headings, form fields etc. are announced to me correctly. That’s right: I don’t know that a check box is a check box if it’s only styled to look like one. However, more on that later; I’ll be devoting an entire post to this subject. Just remember that the example I just gave is a crime against humanity.

Remember Palm’s WebOS? Maybe Not, but Apple and Google Definitely Do

WebOS… so far ahead of its time:

  • Web code for apps (see PWAs),
  • Multiple synchronized calendars,
  • Unified social media & contact management,
  • Curved displays
  • Wireless charging
  • Integrated text and Web messaging
  • Unintrusive notifications
  • “Cards” for running apps
  • No home button (it used swipe instead)

And all of these features were available eight years ago!