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Winning Technology With a Social Purpose

This is about tech for social good, which is awesome, but one of the most interesting bits is buried near the bottom and concerns us as web designers:

According to the Office for National Statistics, in May, 27% of disabled adults had never used the internet, compared with 7% of non-disabled adults. And last month’s report by the Extra Costs Commission found that part of the reason disabled people typically face £550 in extra living costs is due to the lack of ability of many of them to shop around online. Too many sites are not accessible to those with disabilities.


Very interesting eye-tracking interaction device for folks with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or who are otherwise “locked in” by a lack of speech or upper body motor control. As I post this, they’ve already raised 50% of their goal (in a mere three days no less).

ARIA and DPUB Published a First Public Working Draft

DAISY and ARIA, sitting in a tree… I’ve been thinking a bit about eBook accessibility in light of the forthcoming second edition of Adaptive Web Design. It’s good to see progress being made. I’d love to see some of this come back into web-based (as opposed to ePub-based) HTML as well.