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Notes on Use of Multiple ARIA Role Attribute Values

Did you know the ARIA role attribute allows for multiple values? It’s how role supports fault tolerance: the first value (of the space separated list) is applied, but if the assistive technology in use doesn’t understand it, the second value will be tried, etc. until a usable alternative is found. It works a lot like font stacks.

ES6 in WebKit (October 2015)

This is an update on where things stand with the ECMAScript 6/2015 spec in WebKit. Currently in Safari for El Capitan & iOS9:

  • Classes
  • Promises
  • Map, Set, WeakMap, WeakSet, for…of loops, and
  • Symbols

Coming soon:

  • let, const, and class block scoping
  • a portion of the Reflect API
  • some of the current module specification
  • Tail calls
  • Default parameter values
  • Default destructuring values
  • Arrow functions, and
  • a portion of the internationalization API

For an excellent overview of ES6 support, consult this handy chart.

Collateral Damage

Just like JavaScript, CSS, and images, you are not guaranteed that your web fonts are going to reach (or be appreciated by) your users. I know I constantly run into web font-related performance issues with Wired on my iPhone, even on a speedy WiFi connection, so I’m not at all surprised users are looking to block them.

How do you deal with this? Don’t hide your content until the fonts arrive. Assume they never will.