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HTML Prototyping 101 - Offline Mode

It’s so easy to get comfortable…

So it’s on the 07.12 London-bound train from Brighton that Rich, Jon and I find ourselves reviewing a prototype while deprived of the one office luxury we’ve grown so accustomed to: a stable and generous internet connection.

ARIA Widget Checklist for Screen Reader Testing

An excellent test suite from the SSB Bart Group. It’s necessary because…

there are still significant discrepancies between valid ARIA usage and what is supported between specific screen readers and browser combinations, so there is immense benefit for such screen reader venders to get on the same page and test these assistive technologies more thoroughly and to also involve the public for crowd sourcing this feedback for entering more bugs related to these issues.

Building a Fully-accessible Help Tooltip

It takes a lot of thoughtful consideration, research, and testing to build robust interfaces, but once that work is done, you can share your findings and make it simple for others to follow in your footsteps. Sara has kindly done the hard work here and has lovingly provided you with a guided tour on how to make an accessible help tooltip. Thank you Sara!

Voice User Interface Design: New Solutions to Old Problems

Excellent overview of the current state of voice UX (or headless UX as I often call it). Choice quotes:

[T]he voice user experiences consumers are learning to use today are usually FAR from conversational. We are still in early days.


VUIs are life-changing for those who can’t easily adapt themselves for traditional computer use.

Start thinking about this stuff now!