Future of Web Design & Øredev

Between Future of Web Design in New York City and Øredev in Malmö, Sweden, I was a busy boy last week. I delivered three talks and a workshop in total and am a bit exhausted.

Øredev has already posted videos of my talks to their Vimeo account, so I’ve included links to them here along with links to the slide decks, so you can download them if you’d like:

Falling in Love with Forms

This one’s a survey of current forms best practices. This one’s a bit abbreviated from my previous iterations as the talks were only 40 minutes at FoWD and Øredev, but I distilled out the most important bits.

There Are No “Buts” in Progressive Enhancement

Wherein I dispel the myth that progressive enhancement has no place in news, healthcare, education, financial, commerce, and single-page app websites. Lots of goodies in here.

This version is an updated 40-minute distillation of the hour and a half talk Jenn Lukas and I gave at UX Immersion Mobile back in April. The video of that one is available from UIE’s All You Can Learn. Jenn designed the slides and Matt Sutter did the wonderful illustrations.