Bidding Farewell to Shirley the Goat

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we are closing Web Standards Sherpa. As of April 2, we will be archiving the site in order to keep the valuable insights and techniques shared by our authors available in perpetuity.

I am sure I speak for our staff and authors when I say this has been a wonderful experience and we are incredibly proud of the work we have done. The reviews and articles we’ve written and the questions we’ve answered have provided web designers and developers around the world with relevant, actionable information to help them do their jobs better. And I have no doubt that our readers have helped make the Web better by improving the quality of the products our industry produces.

As one last hurrah—and as a way to raise some funds to pay for the site’s archival & internment—we are collaborating with Environments for Humans to put on a one-day live virtual conference featuring a handful of our writers and staff giving talks and answering your questions.

I am very thankful to all of our staff and authors and to you, our readers, for making Web Standards Sherpa such a fun and rewarding endeavor! It was a great run and I count myself lucky to have had a small hand in the creation of so much great content.

You can find all of the details regarding the conference over on the Environments for Humans website. I hope you’ll consider attending so we can ensure Web Standards Sherpa’s excellent content will remain available for years to come. Use the discount code SHERPA to save 20% off of the ticket price.