Apply Now for My 2023 Mentorship Cohort

A forest clearing in the fall. In front of you are 2 paths leading in different directions. In the center is an old signpost, but it is dilapidated.
Credit: Aaron Gustafson × DALL·E

Are you a web professional (or aspiring web professional) who is looking for career guidance and opportunities? Consider applying for my 2023 mentorship cohort.

Before you apply, I highly recommend reading up on my mentorship program to see if it will be a good fit for you.

The application will remain open through November 30th.



  1. dan
  2. Max Böck
  3. David Pham
  4. IA_AUT_ECO|OSWP|Darklinux
  5. Ben Buchanan
  7. Shay C.
  8. Alan Houser 🍥
  9. § Jason
  10. Snugug
  11. Joel Fransson
  12. Björn Söderqvist