Adaptive Web Design

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In this workshop, I teach you everything you need to know about modern web design with progressive enhancement. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, you will walk away from this workshop with a greater understanding of what progressive enhancement is and how to implement this philosophy in your own work.

During the course of the workshop, I mentor folks on best practices as you work together to build a web page from the content out. Along the way, you’ll…

  • see where concepts like “mobile first” and ”responsive design” fit in with progressive enhancement and your workflow;
  • learn how to wield the awesome power of JavaScript wisely, while keeping a watchful eye on how it can affect the user experience or your sites;
  • become more familiar with how CSS parsers work and how you can use their logic to apply advanced CSS (including CSS3) in a layered fashion;
  • see how accessibility concerns can be easily factored into your development process; and
  • gain exposure to ARIA roles & states and see how you can employ them to improve the experience of those using screen readers.