Collected Reactions to //build/

I may work for Microsoft, but I don’t know everything that’s going on across the company. It’s big and I don’t have that kind of time.

Anyway Build, the Microsoft conference, is going on right now and as you’d expect, there are a ton of new announcements. I’ve watched a few of the talks virtualy and am particularly excited about the new browser (whose name has finally been revealed): Microsoft Edge. I’m also very interested to see where things go with HoloLens.

One graphic that cropped up that blew my mind was this one talking about where Windows 10 is going:

The Windows 10 continuum from an Internet of Things board up to a SurfaceHub and HoloLens

You’ve often heard me discuss experience as a continuum. Microsoft is living it.

If you didn’t watch the streaming talks and want to hear about what was announced from some independent sources, I’d recommend reading these:

I will continue adding to this list as new & interesting pieces come out.