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I Don’t Want to Teach the World to Code… I Want to Teach the World to Problem Solve

It seems that every other day a new code school opens it doors. In my mid-sized city, Chattanooga, there are no fewer than three businesses centered around teaching “coding” classes1 that I am aware of. And there are at least a half-dozen free or community driven programs and camps on top of that. Most are aimed at youth, but some offer adult education as well. And that, of course, is over and above what’s available in our public and private schools (which is considerable) and a plethora of online options.

  1. I should note that I am lumping a bunch of stuff into the umbrella of “coding” because some of these teach front-end web technologies, others teach those plus back-end stuff in PHP or Python, and others teach maker-style classes focused around robotics and DIY electronics like Arduino. 


Monday, February 2nd will be the start of a new chapter in my professional career: I will joining Microsoft as a standards evangelist.


The reasons for the move are manifold, but I will do my best to summarize by taking you on the journey I’ve been on and hopefully that will help you understand why I will be leaving agency life behind and joining a browser maker (and the makers of Internet Explorer at that).

Creepy Namefellow

So yeah, this happened:

The @GustafsonAaron Twitter account only follows 5 people, and they are all named “Aaron Gustafson”.

It’s a little creepy, I won’t lie.