The Best of the Internets


For the non-visual among you…

Programmer sits at a computer with his back to a Project Manager

  1. Programmer

    Hmm, it’s quite a lot of work

    Contact form: 5 days

    Back-office: 8 days

  2. Project Manager

    OK, got it

Pan out to reveal Project Lead sitting next to programmer

  1. Project Manager

    I’ll send the customer the quote and I’ll let you know what happens

  2. Programmer

    OK, great

Zoom in on the Project Lead and Programmer

  1. Project Lead

    5 man-days for a contact form?? Are You kidding??

    It’s half a day at the very most

  2. Programmer (looking smug)

    You’re right…

    …But you’re forgetting the 4.5 days to test the new must-have framework

  3. Project Lead (smiling)

    Ha! Someone has to pay for it…

Sadly, this is so true.

Accessibility in the Store

Apps in the Windows Store can now be flagged as accessible on submission. Not sure if anyone is validating these claims, but my guess is that they will if it becomes abused. Regardless, I’m excited to see Microsoft take this step to make it easier for folks who need it to find accessible apps.