Obama’s White House Webmaster Says We Should Cut Trump’s Team Some Slack

It’s easy to get upset when we feel like the things we care dearly about—accessibility, translations, etc.—don’t seem to register with others. But appearances can be deceiving, as Tom Cochran—a former director of digital for the White House—points out with respect to the changes to WhiteHouse.gov:

It’s no secret that my political allegiances lie with Obama’s administration, but I can be very objective with this. First off, I think that the media is reading a little too much into the digital transition. You have to think of it in terms of moving into an apartment: The previous tenant moves out, and a new tenant moves in. When the previous tenant moves out, he or she will take his or her possessions, furniture, and paintings, and the new tenant comes in and starts over and hangs their stuff up wherever they want to. Someone who had been in that apartment before would go in and say, “Whoa, wait, where did the couch go? There used to be a couch here.” Well, yeah—but there’s a completely new tenant in here.

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