Living on the Edge – Our Next Step in Helping the Web Just Work

With the holidays, I completely missed this announcement from IE team. In IE for Windows 10, we’re getting:

  1. All public (i.e. non-intranet) sites will render in “Edge mode” meaning they get the latest standards implementation. Note: It will ignore X-UA-Compatible version targeting.
  2. CSS Preserve-3D
  3. Content Security Policy 1.0 sandboxing
  4. CSS Interaction Media Queries (Level 4) - pointer type & hover testing!
  5. Gamepad API
  6. Selection API
  7. ECMAScript 6 features including classes, promises, iterators, the arrow function, Math utility functions, Number utility functions, Object utility functions, String utility functions, Object literal enhancements, spread, template strings, symbols, proxies, and weak set.

Pretty awesome stuff! What do you want to see in future versions of IE? You can post your thoughts and votes on UserVoice.

If—like me—you’re on a Mac, you can run the latest version of IE via RemoteIE. Haven’t heard of it? Rey Bango has a great write-up of how to set up RemoteIE on Macs, iOS, and even Android.

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