Less Content Marketing, More Quality Content

I’ll just let Gerry say it:

If there has been a constant in my 20+ years of consulting with websites it is that most websites produce far too much low quality ego content. This is true for both commercial, government and non-profit websites.

  • Telenor of Norway deleted almost 90% of their pages. Conversions went up by 100%. Support requests went down by 35%
  • The Norwegian Cancer Society removed almost 90% of their content and saw extremely positive results.
  • The US Department of Health deleted 150,000 of their 200,000 pages. Nobody noticed.
  • Columbia University of Chicago deleted 97% of their pages. Student application inquiries went up by 80%
  • Liverpool City went from 4,000 pages to 700 on their website. Support requests went down and online reporting went up.

Clear, well-written content is appreciated (and actionable) by your users.

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