Building a More Accessible Web Platform

I’m so incredibly excited about this! Highlights:

  • The accessibility tree is no longer a subtree of the DOM;
  • ARIA Landmarks and document structure navigation;
  • Proper computing of accessible name & description;
  • Improved error validity states;
  • Accessible datalist, improved select, and improvements to all list type elements;
  • Keyboard controls for the number field;
  • Accessible input[type=color];
  • Improved high contrast mode (no more removing background images, instead, the image stays and a solid color is placed behind the text);
  • Speech synthesis API;
  • An improved caret on Windows Phone when using an external keyboard; and
  • So much more.

Couple this with the F12 dev tools enhancements and Narrator’s Developer Mode and it’s pretty clear how committed Microsoft is to accessibility. I’m so glad I work here!

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