A Single Platform

Another brilliant CommitStrip. My transcription follows.

A developer and his project lead are sitting next to one another.

  1. Programmer

    It sucks Uncharted 4 is only available on PS4

    …releasing AAAs on just one platform is unfair

  2. Project Lead (excitedly)

    Yeah I guess, but it must be awesome for Naughty Dog

  3. Project Lead (smugly)

    They only have to develop, test and maintain their software on one single platform

  4. Programmer (looking confused)

    I guess…

  5. Project Lead (emphatically)

    Everyone has the same processor, the same amount of memory, the same resolution…

    Just think about it…

  6. Programmer (shrinking)

    …I don’t want to think about it

Pan out to reveal the large table they are sitting at. It is littered with mobile devices.

  1. Programmer (getting up and turning to leave the room)

    Does anyone have a phone with Android 4.0.4?

  2. Project Lead (muttering to himself)


The benefits of single platform development are easily reaped by developers, but they come at a cost to the consumer who doesn’t have the right device or specs and (moreover) it limits a project’s potential reach.

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