My Top Takeaways From the 2016 Edge Web Summit

by {"name"=>"Aaron Gustafson", "uri"=>"", "twitter"=>"AaronGustafson", "googleplus"=>"AaronGustafson"} on 06 April 2016

Earlier this week, my colleagues on the Microsoft Edge team put on the second of what has now become an annual event: the Edge Web Summit. The format was a little different this year, with team members from across the organization delivering quick, punchy 30-minute talks on topics ranging from standard implementations to the user experience of a browser to real-time communications. I live-tweeted quite a few of the talks, but I thought I’d provide a bit of a round-up of what was revealed, discussed, and more so you can read it all in one place.

I didn’t take a ton of notes in the second half of the day as I was prepping for my own session on accessibility, but other highlights included building & debugging extensions for Edge (tldr; you can easily port Chrome extensions) and cool things you can do using Continuum.

Overall, the event was incredibly informative and has me really excited about the work the Edge team is doing and where the browser is going. The new stuff that‘s ready for prime time will be out for the public in the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 this Summer, but some of it is has already landed in Windows Insider builds.